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What is Munkly?

Munkly is a simple to use project management system that helps you and your clients breakdown projects into maintainable tasks.

Who is Munkly for?

Munkly was made as an accountablity tool to help service based businesses with managing projects by setting project deadlines, sub tasks deadlines, assignable sub tasks, and providing useful overview reports. Munkly is for web designers, social media strategists, content strategist, virtual assistant, contractors, interior designers — anyone that deals with one-on-one projects.

How will Munkly benefit my business?

Munkly keeps you and your client in the loop of a project by providing an overview of tasks and when they should be done and by who.

How much does Munkly cost?

We plan on making Munkly affordable to small and large businesses. For small businesses starting out we offer a free plan. Paid accounts are set to start at $9/month for single user and $25 for a team of 5 users ($5 per user/month).

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